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My name is Blaine Smith and I’m the new Varsity Overwatch Coach at NTC for the Fall 2020 semester. I was born in and currently reside in Sacramento, California and I am 27 years old. I am currently working towards my Associate’s degree in Computer Programming with a focus on C++ at American River College. I’ve played Overwatch since release and played competitively for around 2 years. I was fortunate enough to find a team of like-minded individuals with a hunger to improve and win. During my first season of competitive play, my team managed to end in the top 50 teams of the open division. From there I took a semester off to focus on my own schooling while still serving as a coach and substitute player for all roles on the team. Since joining and later leaving that team, I have maintained a high rank on multiple accounts and have a lot more experience individually coaching players to help them attain their desired SR and meet their goals. I’m very excited heading into this semester with a new team at NTC, after meeting the students that have participated on the team in the semesters prior, I feel I can see the same hunger and passion in them that I had when I started playing at a competitive level. However, like all good things, I understand that building a team from the ground up takes time, communication, and determination. But, I’m confident that as this semester progresses, the results will begin to speak volumes.

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