NTC vs Carthage

NTC Smash Bros Players Sweep Carthage

NTC Esports, Smash Bros, Andrew Cashin was beaming after February 17 Smash Bros, NECC competition. Brandon Wolf Schoenrock and Charlie aMon’kie Velasquez both beat Carthage opponents. Wolf managed to win every game with 1 stock to spare, adapting well to the switch from Carthage’s Space Food from Samus to Ness after game 1. “Schoenrock appears to be a promising addition to the NTC Smash Bros. roster and I look forward to the possibilities he can unlock by pursuing this character alongside Pikachu,” gloated Cashin.

Charlie aMon’kie Velasquez fought Carthage’s DeanMachine in a matchup of Mr. Game and Watch against Wolf. This was a dominant series for aMon’kie, as he won every game with 2 stocks remaining. Coach Cashin pointed out, “This was a relieving bounce back from Charlie after losing a frustrating match last week to a familiar opponent. I’m very proud of Charlie for being willing and able to take a step back from the frustration of losing and moving forward with a healthier mindset to crush this round. He is my player of the week.”

Next week’s matches might be a breakthrough round to help set the barometer for the rest of the season. aMon’kie is slated to play GhostFreak, a 1-1 Zelda main from Grand View. Both players took a loss from GhostxWolf. “I think Charlie will face a reasonable challenge, but it will be a great time to prove his growth,” stated Coach Cashin. Wolf is set to play against Flaming87, Augustana’s resident Lucina main. Coach Cashin explained,” This is a player who has beaten aMon’kie last season, but I trust in the training Brandon has undergone with our former team captain to be prepared for a threatening Lucina. I think next week is a very doable couple of rounds, but only time will tell how we fare.”

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