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NTC Adds New Coach for Valorant Team

NTC Esports is pleased to announce, Orion Lawver, a recent graduate of NTC’s Video Productions program, has assumed the role of Valorant coach. Lawver’s appointment is a testament to his impressive academic achievements and his remarkable track record in the world of collegiate esports.

Orion Lawver’s journey to the position of Valorant coach is marked by his exemplary academic record, where he graduated as the “Video Productions Outstanding Graduate.” Furthermore, his active involvement in the NTC Esports community as a student leader and his exceptional two-year stint as the captain of NTC’s Overwatch Varsity team demonstrate his unwavering dedication to both academic and gaming excellence.

Enthusiastic about his new role as Valorant coach, Lawver says, “The Valorant Varsity team has an abundant number of players, which is great because once in a while, we’ll run pick-up games against each other which is always a blast. Otherwise, we have a practice scrimmage once a week and our game days. Each session comes with noticeable improvement for everybody, as well as strengthening friendships as we compete for a common goal. Going 2-1 in the season so far, I am confident and hopeful that we have a squad that can take home this whole tournament.”

Lawver’s words reflect the team’s dedication to growth and camaraderie, setting a positive tone for the upcoming season. With abundant players and a structured practice regimen, the team is poised to make a significant impact on the Valorant collegiate esports scene.

The combination of Lawver’s passion for esports, his leadership experience and his commitment to academics embodies the holistic approach that NTC University takes in shaping well-rounded esports athletes. NTC’s reputation for providing exceptional support systems and top-tier facilities further adds to its allure for aspiring esports enthusiasts.

As NTC Esports anticipates the Valorant team’s upcoming tournaments, the community is excited about the promising future that Lawver’s leadership brings. With his guidance, NTC Esports is set to continue its journey toward excellence, aiming to shine both in the classroom and on the virtual battlefield.

The entire NTC community eagerly awaits the results and achievements that the Valorant team, under Orion Lawver’s coaching, will accomplish in the coming season. His appointment is a testament to NTC’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a competitive yet inclusive esports environment.

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